What three things can I do today?

I just read an headline called: what are the three things you want to accomplish today.

That’s the productivity philosophy I strive for. My philosophy used to be ‘get everything down and do as much of it as you can.’ That’s still appropriate in some ways. But it’s not realistic most of the time.

Let’s assume I get somewhere near an average amount of work done each day. On any given day, I’m setting out to do two or three times that amount of work. And lately, with my calendar almost completely full of meetings, I’m pulling down my average.

So, the net effect on my emotional health is that I’m always behind and I’m never successful. That sucks!

If I focus on three things instead — a ‘minimum viable product,’ if you will — and work to try to get them done as early as possible in the day, then anything else I get done is surplus.

So, what are the three things I want to focus on today? The three most important things on my radar.