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My Firefox Extensions

Firefox with 100 extensions installed. Don’t try this at home.

I use Firefox. One of the reasons why I use it is that I can use all manor of extensions — tiny helper programs — that people create on their own time to improve the functionality of the Internet experience.

This is what is known as “open source.” The idea behind it is that you do a little bit of work for free to the benefit of humankind.

I’m not qualified to be a software developer or to otherwise make these widgets on my own, but I think that I should still participate in this noble endeavor. So, to that end, so instead here are (hopefully) helpful reviews of my favorite extensions.

  1. NoScript: This is the most useful, by far. There is so much javascript out on the web now and because it’s mostly invisible to the end user, it’s good to know that this prophylactic is protecting me from annoyance, inconvenience, and possibly infection. 5 stars.
  2. Copy Plain Text: Ever try to copy some words from the Internet into a program like Microsoft Word and end up hanging your program because you are pasting a bunch of hidden HTML? This extension makes it a lot easier to just get the raw text without all the formating. It’s simple and effective. 5 stars.
  3. post: This add-on puts a new menu and buttons in my browser so I can use the free service to manage my bookmarks. It’s a handy plug-in for a great service. The best thing about delicious is that you can add tags (keywords) to each page you bookmark. It even suggests which tags to add. 4 stars.

photo credit: hey mr glen

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